Fieldwork was conducted to mitigate the impacts to archaeological resources within the Gloucester Point Archaeological District (GPAD) associated with the 43,000 square foot Seawater Research Laboratory (SRL) at the VIMS campus in Gloucester Point, Virginia. The GPAD contains archaeological resources associated with prehistoric Native American occupations and nearly continuous historic occupations from the seventeenth century to the present. Feature excavation revealed five temporally discernible periods of historic occupation: Early Colonial/Pre-Gloucestertown (ca.1640-1680), Gloucestertown (1680-1781), Revolutionary War (1781), Late Gloucestertown (1781-1860), and Civil War (1860-1865). After the Civil War, the land encompassing the former town passed from federal to state, and eventually to private ownership. The parcels were consolidated in the mid-twentieth century with the establishment and subsequent expansions of the VIMS campus.