A multi-task recordation project is presently underway for the Delaware Water Gap NRA (DEWA). Administered by the Eastern Federal Lands Highway Division of the Federal Highway Administration, the project includes four main tasks. Task 1 involves the monitoring by an archaeologist of all ground disturbances associated with construction activities for road repairs. Task two involved large-format (4×5-inch) HAER photographic documentation of a portion of Zimmerman Road and existing headwalls at Dingmans Falls Road. Both locations are currently being documented at the equivalent of HABS/HAER Level II, including a sketch plan, photographs, and a complete architectural data form. Task 3 involves providing an archaeologist to monitor all ground disturbing activities at Namanock Access Road, Blacksmith Road, and Millbrook Road. Task 4 involved large-format (4×5-inch) HAER photographic documentation of the stone and masonry culvert, guardrails, embankment and roadbed of Blacksmith Road.