Environmental planning and analysis that is sensitive to environmental needs and concerns is a hallmark of The Ottery Group’s practice. The firm utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to planning and design to ensure that projects are environmentally sound. Our expertise in various technical specializations complements our experience in environmental documentation, environmental impact statement program management, permitting, and facilitation. We understand the complex nature of regulatory and statutory requirements, and utilize our analytical experience to focus on workable solutions that consider not only the technical issues of identifying and limiting potential impacts to natural resources but also incorporates an understanding of the fiscal and public relations component of planned projects.



Natural Resource Planning:

The Ottery Group’s natural resource planning capabilities include an array of services, including environmental programs for residential developments, strategic land-use plans for large private landholders, best management practices for various land uses, resource management plans for multi-use public lands, master plans for state parks, and visual resource plans to protect scenic areas.

The Ottery Group routinely incorporates environmental planning into our regulatory compliance consultations. Products include plans for resource monitoring, wildlife habitat management, and land reclamation. The firm excels at creating cost-effective mitigation plans for project impacts on threatened and endangered species, wetlands, and other natural resources.

Wetlands Assessments and Delineations:

The Ottery Group provides a full range of wetland services for all types of projects, ranging from wetland permits for single family residential developments to wetland delineations on interstate utility corridors. We offer clients a complete wetland consulting package by combining expertise and experience in wetland delineation, impact analysis, mitigation design, and permitting. We specialize in developing and implementing well-conceived regulatory strategies for resolving complex and controversial wetland issues.

Biological Assessments:

Passage of the Endangered Species Act of 1973 (Public Law 93-205) required that any federally authorized project not jeopardize the continued existence of any federally listed threatened or endangered plant or animal species or result in the destruction of essential habitat of such species. Many states have adopted similar laws protecting unique plant and animal resources. Proper surveys for listed species are often necessary during the initial stages of a project to avoid unanticipated issues that could delay project completion.

The endangered species conditions of a project can vary over a wide range, from easy compliance with the Endangered Species Act by simply avoiding endangered species, to large-scale conservation plans involving multiple species and overlapping political jurisdictions. The staff of The Ottery Group is qualified to assist with either. The Ottery Group offers the full spectrum of endangered species consultation and conservation planning assistance.

The Ottery Group’s biologists and regulatory specialists are qualified to provide any service related to the Endangered Species Act, including species surveys, Biological Assessments, Section 7 consultations, and Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs) for Section 10(a) permit applications and Bird Depredation Permit applications. We have completed compliance requirements for a wide range of endangered, threatened, and sensitive species, in a variety of habitats.

The Ottery Group’s scientists are experienced at gathering accurate and objective biological information to help our clients successfully address complex state and federal regulations protecting rare plants and animals. We have provided services for a variety of clientele, including land development companies, utilities, and government agencies. Our botanists and wildlife ecologists specialize in rare plant and animal surveys, natural community inventories, habitat availability assessments, and ecosystem analysis. The Ottery Group has prepared a number of Biological Assessments and Biological Evaluations on threatened and endangered species.

Environmental Assessments & Environmental Impact Statements under NEPA:

Projects that result in changes to physical or biological characteristics of the landscape often require preparation of environmental review documents and one or more local, state, or federal permits or licenses. The Ottery Group has broad experience in preparing environmental review documentation under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and its state counterparts. We also specialize in the permitting and licensing of large-scale, controversial, and/or technically challenging projects. We thoroughly evaluate the regulations that pertain to your project and provide sound advice on the most prudent and cost effective methods to meet regulatory requirements.

The Ottery Group prepares Categorical Exclusions and Environmental Assessments and executes all phases of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process, from public scoping through alternatives analysis to document preparation. We have successfully completed NEPA compliance documentation for a variety of other undertakings.